Hyori’s Diary

|| Hyori’s Diary ||

Compilation of KyuHyo’s daily-romance life including flashback from the past memories 🙂


“…a way of saying that you’re perfect to them.” (Urbandictionary.com)

Perfectly Imperfect;


“Let’s walk together side by side, the two of us”

Our Love Day


“Even if the cold winter comes and freezes my entire body, I will always be by your side ! Himnaeseyo..”

Cheer Up , [JIHYUKISM] Back in Time


“Our story where we can only be two, a story that would make someone laugh if they heard…”



“I’ll stand by your side” Hyori.

Stand by [K]you


Kyuhyun and Hyori sweet love journal

The Diary


“I cried a lot because of you, I laughed a lot because of you…”

Because of You


Kyuhyun menjalani harinya sebagai member dari Super Junior sementara Hyori, menjalani harinya sebagai mahasiswi salah satu Universitas di London. How they overcome their long distance relationship ?

Untitled, Untitled 2


Words that could describe everything now…I’m sorry

I’m Sorry 🙂

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